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You CAN grow your own food.

GYGO can help.

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GYGO stands for Grow Your Grass Off!  We inspire and support you in your food growing journey, and then connect you into The GYGO Network to explore the concepts that you are most passionate about.

Interactive Courses

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Wouldn't it be better to know about the common mistakes
BEFORE you make them?

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Food for Thought!

What do people say about GYGO?

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"I'm hopeful for the garden's future. It'll be nice to have another reason to be outside. We/I appreciate all your hard work and can't wait to see the garden's future."

Mike, WA


Growing food is fundamental to being human, and we want to provide you with the needed support and network to get the job done right.  Think of the time, money, resources, and energy  you could save by having someone in your corner to guide you through it all.  If you could save money on groceries each week, from food growing on your property, would that be interesting to you?



We are building an incredible resource of contacts and connections.  Please let these folks know that GYGO sent you!  Together we are more.


If you want an amazing opportunity to empower yourself and have tons of great benefits, then the time to act is NOW!  Below are just some of the very real and practical advantages you will have when you start your food growing journey with us.

Are you prepared to provide for your family as an already stressed supply chain continues to weaken and food prices keep climbing?



What about the intangibles like spending more time being outside in the sun?  We all need a chance to unplug from technology and just listen to the birds.


Imagine what you could do if you saved money on groceries and had the ability to also sell the surplus of certain crops from your property.


With the education and training that we offer, you will learn very tangible and practical skills that can stay with you for a lifetime.  And wouldn't it be amazing to share the skills you learn with the younger generation?


One of the best outcomes of having extra food that you can't possibly eat or store, is that you can share it!  Few things bring people together like food.  Having friends you can count on is a real bonus, especially those who also like to grow food!


It is becoming more and more obvious that food from the supermarket does not always tend to have much taste, compared to local food that ripens in season and has the proper soil to grow in.  When you eat from your own garden, it just tastes better!


GYGO has a network of resources available for you!  Below are four of our favorite companies that can assist you in furthering your education and assist with larger projects. 

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Designer-focused Education 

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Large-scale Design

ThrivingRoots Logo Dark.png

Installer-focused Education 

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Homestead Design & Install

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