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So, you think you're 

to homestead?


If you are wanting to know the secrets of setting up your property for success to grow food, this is for you.

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Grow Your Grass Off
brings you an eBook
that provides clear,
practical steps to
guide your efforts.

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We have our own homesteads and have already made the mistakes!

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Our team at Grow Your Grass Off has been designing and growing food for decades.  This eBook brings you years of our experience to help you with the biggest decisions.

Invest some time into the planning of your property by considering these critical ideas, BEFORE it is too late. 

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Imagine if you could learn even just one key concept that saves you thousands of dollars by grabbing this eBook today. Whether you have a property already or you are looking to buy one, this material offers a basic methodology that you can follow, and a step-by-step approach.  

We know you are busy and have lots to do, so let us help you as you evaluate how to direct your energy.  You will be glad you did!

Here's how we support YOU

#1  Membership PORTAL

Our unique PORTAL has a wonderful collection of resources for you to use on a regular basis.  We aim to save you the headache of searching online, which is why we have curated lists of content and downloadable packets for you to hit the ground running.  The best part, is The GYGO Network.  We have tremendous connections already and this is only going to become more and more valuable over time.  Don't delay, join today!

#2  Homestead Hotline

How does water move through your property?  Observation is key.  What are the demands for your site? Questions like these can create a sense of analysis paralysis!  Set up a call with us so that we can help you move through the difficult moments, so you can get back to growing.  We bring you a diverse background and skillset that is hard to find.  Because we have real, first-hand experience and continue to hone our craft, you are in good hands.

#3  Property Designs

One of the most common mistakes that people fall for is to NOT take the time to create a solid plan.   This story is very typical.  We are so eager to get started and create momentum, that we lose sight of the bigger picture. Design is the process, not the ultimate answer because the answer is always unfolding daily.  By purchasing a design with GYGO, you will have a framework to guide you, so that it is easier to adapt and build long-term success into your landscape.

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Are you considering chickens?

Click HERE to view a recent Episode of The GYGO Show, where we speak with chicken expert Nikki Husted from Purely Chickens.  Nikki is well-known and brings up some really important ideas during this podcast.  The show details insights into sourcing chicks so you can avoid common pitfalls.

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