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Our Property Designs

The biggest factor in determining the cost of your design is your TOTAL DESIGN SPACE

  • Starting at $399, GYGO can design up to an acre of land. 

  • We offer a medium design at $599 for properties between 1-3 acres

  • Our large designs are $799 and this is for projects of 3-5 acres

  • GYGO can also provide custom quotes for larger, special projects, so please fill out the form below if you would like us to review your project with you.

Our team has been able to help over 100 people over the past 2 years design and implement a plan for growing more food!  A GYGO design comes with a beautifully rendered basemap that covers the high-level design concepts that you will need to consider.  The GYGO Method helps us take customers through a systematic approach to maximize resources and create a plan that can be implemented in phases


Each project and property is unique and so being able to adapt is very important!  If you want help to make sure your project is set up for success AND want save money in the process, this the path for you.

Get a Quote

Please fill out this quick form to connect with a GYGO Trainer so that we can help you get an estimate for what your design will cost.  We will need to collect some details from you to really be able to price our design accordingly.

Thanks for submitting!

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