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The Homestead Hotline is a wonderful way to assess your options.  Our versatile group of Instructors are capable of focusing on fine tuning your latest project, or breaking down the basics of planting out your first raised bed.  We can meet you where you are at and show you the best practices to take on growing food for yourself.  We are in your corner and can guide you along your path.  If we can't answer your question we will help you find out who can.

Learn Planting Strategies

We are there when you need us!

Get right to it, our team is standing by.




Fill Out Form

Once you have paid for your call, we ask you to fill out a form to help direct our energy and focus.  We want to make sure that your greatest needs are being addressed.

Schedule Call

Use our convenient Calendly link to schedule a time that will work for you.  We ask that you provide at least 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule.  Remember to have pen and paper ready!

Dive In!

During your session, let us know where your gaps are and we will guide you to the best resources available.  We are looking for those people who want to create lasting food abundance.


Simple Raised Beds!

What can we cover?

  • Soil​

    • Making Compost​

    • Soil Amendments

    • Mulching Techniques & Sourcing

    • Creating & Maintaining Raised Beds

    • Compost Tea & Worm Bins

    • Irrigation Strategies & Tips

    • Soil Food Web & Living Soil

  • Plants

    • Sourcing & Selecting Varieties​

    • Designing Guilds & Polycultures

    • Creating Starts & Sprouting

    • Signs of Disease and Stress

    • Planting Schedules & Planning

    • Planting Strategies and Spacing

    • Nutrition & Calorie Density Aspects

    • Harvesting & Storing

    • Seed Saving

And much more!

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