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Start this season off on the right foot, by investing in your future.  With direct experience and superb support from your GYGO Trainer, you will be able to grow more food consistently.  Our process provides the education and encouragement to take you to the next level!

It is time to GYGO.

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We give you the next step, to keep things on track.

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Stay in sync with your GYGO Trainer using a shared calendar, making your goals clear and readily available when you need them.

Garden Log

Record your weekly progress and easily refer to the work that has been done.  This helps your Trainer to really customize your project!


All of your deliverables and documents are in one place, so you can always check them to remember the larger, high-level objectives.

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  Ian's Backyard  

What can you expect?

  • Introductory Call

    • we go over your GOALS, DREAMS, and OBJECTIVES​

  • Rapid Design

    • covers the high level aspects to integrate the various components of your project

  • Growing Plan

    • we create a unique strategy, which includes a custom plant list, project scope, installation implementation details, sourcing options, weather and climactic data analysis, and more

  • Weekly Meetings

    • your GYGO Trainer will REVIEW and GUIDE your project, and you have access to the GYGO Network and our Online Resources as well

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