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Products & Services

Let's Grow Your Grass Off!  Are you ready to get started on your food growing journey?  Below are our current offerings to support you with education, training, planning, and so much more.

PORTAL (Circle).png

$4.99/ mo.

Membership PORTAL

Are you tired of searching on YouTube or TikTok for that one answer that can change your workday?  This Membership PORTAL is for you.

Get access to:

  • 30 minute check-in call once per month with a GYGO Instructor

  • our private Facebook group with free GIVEAWAYS!

  • exclusive interviews with the GYGO team

  • practical video tutorials and tips

  • full use of The GYGO Network with Affiliate Links

  • extended episodes and bonus content

  • extra courses included with your membership!

Homestead Hotline (Circle).png


Homestead Hotline

Let's talk about your challenges and what tools you need to get started.  Do you need support in growing food on your property?  Purchase an open format 30 minute video call with a GYGO instructor! We recommend limiting it to 1 or 2 big topics per 30-minute call.  All you have to do is fill out the form and schedule a time!  When you are stuck and need to figure out a path forward, this is a great option to get you back on track.

Property Designs (Circle).png

Starting at $399

Property Designs

If you want to limit big mistakes and be able to logically follow a plan for your property, purchase a design BEFORE you start investing tons into your project.  We have a fabulous team of seasoned designers who have an eye for detail.  With over 100 designs under our belt, from all over the US and beyond, we have the resources to tap into.  A GYGO design comes with a beautifully rendered basemap that covers the high-level design concepts that you will need to consider.  View our Portfolio HERE.

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