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We Want You to Succeed

GYGO has a unique ability to meet you wherever you are at in the process of growing your own food.  Our passion is educating while providing real support and accountability to reach further, one growing season at a time.  All of us also are developing our own homesteads, and so we have lots of experience to share from our mistakes.  We are also permaculture designers and have helped over 100 people like you create edible landscapes of all shapes and sizes.

Here's How We Support You



Membership PORTAL

Discover an abundance of resources and exclusive content inside of our Membership PORTAL!  We have practical tools and unique offerings that come from years of experience and passion for designing and homesteading.


Homestead Hotline

Do you have a question or need someone to walk you through the steps?  Here is your chance to have a 1-on-1 call with a GYGO Instructor to create clarity and feel confident.  We are there when you need us and can share useful skills and common mistakes with you.


Property Design

To really harness the potential of your land, it can be super valuable to have a plan.  We provide a realistic and phased approach design that will provide the needed detail to get you started the right way.  Following the principles of permaculture, we craft a personalized design that includes a plant list suited for your climate.  For more information click the button below.

Tools We Use


Online App


Garden Log

Online App.png

GYGO has its very own App that keeps track of your projects, files, resources, and more

To keep tabs on all of the time sensitive tasks, we help maintain a shared calendar to keep it all organized for design clients



Our members get premium access to expert speakers, live courses, and other content

Video/Phone Calls

Video & Phone Calls.png

Each month, a GYGO Instructor will be available to meet up and support Members of our PORTAL, to go over your project to guide the best next steps

Youtube Show!

Garden Log.png

By having a log of observations and recording tasks, GYGO Instructors can truly customize your design project experience

Youtube Show.png

Each week The GYGO Show has a new Episode to help uncover new ideas and cross-pollinate!  We share our successes and challenges to show you what is happening on our homesteads.



Via social media and our website, GYGO offers new articles continually examining various perspectives and tips for growing food



As part of the process of being a design customer, GYGO delivers a Growing Plan that details the roadmap for making your project a success



Online Education

GYGO Instructors are qualified permaculture designers, which adds an extra layer of expertise to growing food in a non-toxic and regenerative way, and we can do this through intentional design

Online Education.png

Through our online Members PORTAL, you are able to have access to a multitude of resources that support projects directly and inspire action to get outside and start growing

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